Company Profile

Hoteck is a people centered creative technology company – one that focuses on Smart Home, Intelligent Technology, and Unique Knowledge.
We provide product design and produce service, market trading service, and e-commerce marketing service. These services help our clients create new product planning.
Our team is dedicated to smart home area and develops creative products and services with intelligence integration, energy saving, and technology trends.
As the age of AI, IoT and internet is coming, we believe that the intelligent system of AI integration can create more value relative to competitors for our clients.
Moreover, it can enhance user experience and create an intelligent environment with convenience and one more eco-friendly and user-friendly future.


Hoteck has established our core values – Intelligence, energy saving, and integration.
We owned years of manufacturing, product developing and processing experiences.
With complete supply chain, the combination of marketing platform, and internal and external integration,
we have expanded to Europe, America, and Australia markets.
In addition, we help our clients design and develop their products, starting from market analysis, planning, and development.
Hoteck provides an omnibearing service and cares about every single detail.
We help our clients solve problems and create new value by using various technologies.

Hoteck Remote Control
Hoteck Ceiling Fan